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WIP Screenshots

I have a couple of screenshots of some works in progress. Classes started a week ago for me. We’re currently having two weeks of intensive courses on background painting for animation – with gouache- and after this week, we’ll move on to background painting in Photoshop. I guess I’m kind of warming up by starting to use Photoshop instead of Paint Tool Sai to paint stuff. 🙂

I don’t really think I’ll finish the portrait of Link, I find his expression kind of empty and boring. Maybe next time.

The following WIP is of an original character that I made up a few years ago. Her name is Ellie and she’s a girl with goat ears… and horns. I haven’t drawn her in quite a while but it sort of just happened. There’s a good chance this one will be completed. 🙂

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WIP: Zelda Redesigned

WIP: Zelda Redesigned

Had this idea a week ago… I’ll probably have these ready by Fanexpo.

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