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My friends and I started a shiny new blog to post our doodles, sketches, projects, school work, and artwork in general. I’m really excited about this project of ours. 😀 It’s still in its baby-stage but come take a look anyway! 😀

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Hello world!

Hi guys! After canceling my web hosting account and moving my portfolio to Tumblr, I decided to do something about my blogs. I had two of them: one for sketches and one for ramblings and stuff with walls of text. In the end I kind of neglected my normal blog and kept posting doodles on my sketchblog since it was easier to update.

Well, I’m merging my two blogs together because sometimes I really want to type something and other times I’ll just feel like posting a doodle. This is my new blog. I’ll be posting everything here from now on. Of course, you can still visit my sketchblog, but it won’t be updated anymore. 🙂