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My friends and I started a shiny new blog to post our doodles, sketches, projects, school work, and artwork in general. I’m really excited about this project of ours. 😀 It’s still in its baby-stage but come take a look anyway! 😀

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FanExpo Summary

This post may be a bit late, but this has to be written about so bear with me haha. FanExpo was last week. I had registered for a table in the artist alley with my dear friend Nettie. Four days of fun, YEAH! To be honest we weren’t that prepared but I think we pulled it off quite nicely. We have had some experience at smaller conventions but nothing of this size so it was pretty mind-blowing to us. I was pretty nervous the first day, I found it kind of hard to interact with other people because of all the “shock-and-awe” I was experiencing. Coming from a small country where there are a few small conventions (where everyone knows each other), you can imagine how different it felt to be at an event of these proportions.

The first two days we were constantly warned about the dreaded Saturday, where it’d be so packed that we would take AGES just to get through the crowd to reach the washrooms. I’d say we were well prepared for that by the time Saturday rolled around. Yes, it was packed. So much that they stopped letting people in for a few hours because the place had reached its full capacity. Unfortunately for us, Nettie had gone out a bit earlier for some fresh air and got stuck outside for a few hours.

Sunday was great too. It was packed, almost as much as Saturday. For me, Sunday was the best day. It was the day I sold the most prints (haha, last minute deals and sales!). Also, I got to trade prints and business cards with other artists, which is pretty cool.

The last two days I was making free sketches for people who could do the Gangnam Style dance for me. It was fun and I got to interact with the con-goers. 😛

I met lots of great people, and amazing artists and cosplayers. I didn’t do much shopping though… I wish I had done more. I only bought one button with a cat on it. The money I spent on the button is going to a cat shelter so I don’t feel guilty about my purchase at all!

Hahaha~ I would TOTALLY register for a table at FanExpo again. It was an awesome experience.

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Fanexpo Canada 2012

Fanexpo Canada is this weekend and I’m totally excited about it. I’m not sure I’m ready either haha… it’d be the first North American convention I’ll attend. I hope it’ll be all cool. Yes, I’m back in Canada– woot woot! Classes start next week (right after Fanexpo, how convenient, eh?) and I am convinced that I’m going to be dead tired for them ugh…

I brought my Ada Wong costume with me but I’m not really sure I’m going to wear it because it’s in bad shape… ah well… If you’re going to be around please do visit my friend Nettie and me at our table (A39) in artist alley!


We’ll be doing sketch commissions and selling prints. Come say hi! 😀

As far as prints go… here’s a preview of what I have…


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Art and Waffles

I meant to blog about this yesterday but I kind of got off track. I went out for breakfast with a friend of mine and we stopped by the NoMinimo art gallery. It’s a pretty cool gallery– I just found out on Thursday that they have open portfolio sessions where you can just walk in and share your work with other artists there. I found out a little too late though since they only have these sessions once per month (I believe) and the next scheduled session is right when my classes start. Their goal is to showcase the work of emerging artists and help them get their name out there both locally and internationally. I took the following pictures outside the gallery.


After touring the gallery and speaking to the curator for a bit (we got invited to an art conference on Monday too!), my friend and I set off for some breakfast. We were both starved. He decided we should go to Tinta Cafe, which is basically a cafe and a bookstore as well. I love the concept and the ambiance of the place. It’s wonderful!

What better way to start the day than having coffee and waffles for breakfast? I also got to talk about artsy-fartsy stuff, literature, and careers with my friend, which is always a plus. I do enjoy having cultured conversations, I don’t get to do that every single day so I cherish every moment of it when I get the chance to.

So yummy! They had these awesome place-mats too. I’m saying awesome because they were mostly blank and could doodle on them like the little girl that I am hahaha~

Drawclub Webcomic

This is what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks… instead of doing other important stuff. I’m experimenting with the inking and toning too so it didn’t really turn out the way I expected it to. I’m hoping to get better at this as the comic progresses. The webcomic can be found at and I’ll update constantly throughout this week until I reach a suitable amount of pages (I’m aiming for 10 but it could be less) before starting to update once per week.

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Feria Play

FeriaPlay (Although I think it’s Feria PlayTech or something haha…) is a technology and comics convention. I dropped today to check it out and it was pretty decent. I mostly went there to see if I could get a picture taken with a Boba Fett cosplayer but I didn’t make it. 😦 I did, however, get my picture taken with a guy dressed as Rorschach from The Watchmen.

The convention itself was divided in two parts, technology and comics and other geeky stuff. Honestly, I thought they’d be all mixed together but ah well. It was pretty cool. I mostly hung out around the comics section with my friends.

I took pictures of the stuff on display– mostly comics and stuff. There was also a haunted house in the back so that was pretty amusing too.

They also showed the work of local illustrators, which was pretty cool.

I think I spent most of my time at the kiddie table doodling on the back of coloring sheets though haha… that was fun.

I’ve got the best pick-up lines ever too haha… (I actually need to work on these so I can doodle randomly at places and leave the pick-up lines around my sketches.)

Yes, I’m THAT shameless haha!

Anyway, I got up from the kiddie table to look for a friend and when I looked back at the table and someone had taken my sketches! I wasn’t going to keep the page, but it was surprising to see how quickly someone came and swiped it hahaha~! xD

Choose a Cat, Draw a Girl

Choose a Cat, Draw a Girl

I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time now~ I just got around to it a day ago. 😀

Choose a Cat, Draw a Girl

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