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Art and Waffles

I meant to blog about this yesterday but I kind of got off track. I went out for breakfast with a friend of mine and we stopped by the NoMinimo art gallery. It’s a pretty cool gallery– I just found out on Thursday that they have open portfolio sessions where you can just walk in and share your work with other artists there. I found out a little too late though since they only have these sessions once per month (I believe) and the next scheduled session is right when my classes start. Their goal is to showcase the work of emerging artists and help them get their name out there both locally and internationally. I took the following pictures outside the gallery.


After touring the gallery and speaking to the curator for a bit (we got invited to an art conference on Monday too!), my friend and I set off for some breakfast. We were both starved. He decided we should go to Tinta Cafe, which is basically a cafe and a bookstore as well. I love the concept and the ambiance of the place. It’s wonderful!

What better way to start the day than having coffee and waffles for breakfast? I also got to talk about artsy-fartsy stuff, literature, and careers with my friend, which is always a plus. I do enjoy having cultured conversations, I don’t get to do that every single day so I cherish every moment of it when I get the chance to.

So yummy! They had these awesome place-mats too. I’m saying awesome because they were mostly blank and could doodle on them like the little girl that I am hahaha~


Ice Cream

Last week, I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted. It was done in under ten minutes but the anticipation made me very nervous and I was shaking all over. Overall it wasn’t that bad though… I just hated the recovery period. After the extraction, I was craving for some ice cream but I didn’t get any until Sunday because I got side-tracked…

On Friday I went out to McDonalds. I was craving for a McFlurry but they told me the machine was broken but I could get ice cream just outside (they have an outdoor dessert hut thing). I ended up getting an iced latte at Sweet & Coffee next door.

Saturday. My second attempt at getting some ice cream. I went to the mall and walked past Baskin Robbins, but there were no seats available so I decided to the food court… and walked past Dunkin Donuts. I’ve been craving for doughnuts for the longest time so… it happened. I got doughnuts. Yum.


I finally got my ice cream on Sunday. I was sick of getting side tracked and wanted to get it over with.


Mission accomplished.

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