FanExpo Summary

This post may be a bit late, but this has to be written about so bear with me haha. FanExpo was last week. I had registered for a table in the artist alley with my dear friend Nettie. Four days of fun, YEAH! To be honest we weren’t that prepared but I think we pulled it off quite nicely. We have had some experience at smaller conventions but nothing of this size so it was pretty mind-blowing to us. I was pretty nervous the first day, I found it kind of hard to interact with other people because of all the “shock-and-awe” I was experiencing. Coming from a small country where there are a few small conventions (where everyone knows each other), you can imagine how different it felt to be at an event of these proportions.

The first two days we were constantly warned about the dreaded Saturday, where it’d be so packed that we would take AGES just to get through the crowd to reach the washrooms. I’d say we were well prepared for that by the time Saturday rolled around. Yes, it was packed. So much that they stopped letting people in for a few hours because the place had reached its full capacity. Unfortunately for us, Nettie had gone out a bit earlier for some fresh air and got stuck outside for a few hours.

Sunday was great too. It was packed, almost as much as Saturday. For me, Sunday was the best day. It was the day I sold the most prints (haha, last minute deals and sales!). Also, I got to trade prints and business cards with other artists, which is pretty cool.

The last two days I was making free sketches for people who could do the Gangnam Style dance for me. It was fun and I got to interact with the con-goers. 😛

I met lots of great people, and amazing artists and cosplayers. I didn’t do much shopping though… I wish I had done more. I only bought one button with a cat on it. The money I spent on the button is going to a cat shelter so I don’t feel guilty about my purchase at all!

Hahaha~ I would TOTALLY register for a table at FanExpo again. It was an awesome experience.

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