Ice Cream

Last week, I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted. It was done in under ten minutes but the anticipation made me very nervous and I was shaking all over. Overall it wasn’t that bad though… I just hated the recovery period. After the extraction, I was craving for some ice cream but I didn’t get any until Sunday because I got side-tracked…

On Friday I went out to McDonalds. I was craving for a McFlurry but they told me the machine was broken but I could get ice cream just outside (they have an outdoor dessert hut thing). I ended up getting an iced latte at Sweet & Coffee next door.

Saturday. My second attempt at getting some ice cream. I went to the mall and walked past Baskin Robbins, but there were no seats available so I decided to the food court… and walked past Dunkin Donuts. I’ve been craving for doughnuts for the longest time so… it happened. I got doughnuts. Yum.


I finally got my ice cream on Sunday. I was sick of getting side tracked and wanted to get it over with.


Mission accomplished.

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