Forsaken World

From time to time I’ll go on an MMO binge. I get this huge urge to play an MMO so I go find one I haven’t tried yet and play it to see if I get hooked. The only MMORPGs I’ve been hooked on for a long time are Ragnarok Online and World of Warcraft haha~ Anyway, this time I decided to try Forsaken World by Perfect World Entertainment. It’s pretty fun so far. I can run it with decent graphic settings which is a big plus for me. I like looking at pretty 3D models hahaha~

This is Aironaele and she’s a Kindred Vampire. Her outfit is pretty sexy right now and I think it’s going to be sexy throughout the whole game haha. I guess I’m OK with that. This game is so generous with items (so far). There’s an skill-like option that let’s you “pray” to get free items. It has a ten minute cooldown though.  The only thing that I’m not used to about the game is that the camera doesn’t stay behind your character while you move so you have to adjust it with your mouse. Ahh, first world problems.

I’m still too new to this game so I can’t really give a proper review but I might do so later on.

I’ve already started to do artwork of my character too! I just got this fashion bundle that changes her clothes so this is what she looks like now:

And here is the WIP screenshot of the art. So many things I have to finish now!

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